Destiny Is Light

Grief oiled the hinges of her bones
so she ran easily
into pools of joy;
of sunlight fingered petals
on the fading bluebell
in the heat of latter May,
pregnant with seed.
So she prayed
destiny discovering, probing
release from centuries of programmed
growth and entropy.

Patience sang a slow song in her head
so she laughed impulsively
at Pride’s solemn conviction;
‘Guilty and Redundant for All Time’.
Yet the only chains that held her
were these words.
Repeated in the chain mail rattle
of the surrounding army
where she found herself a prisoner.

Promise held the sinews of her heart
which sometimes missed a beat
in fear’s glare
But around her lay confetti
from the wedding day;
a reminder
that sealed hope over her quieter mind
like a silent witness at her trial.
In innocence she would be released
into the first embrace
That weighed her whole being.


4 thoughts on “Destiny Is Light

  1. I love you. You are brave. Grasp truth. Reject the false protection of hopelessness. I am inspired and balmed by your words. I hope I can live with the same integrity you do and have. xx xx xx

  2. You do and can already fill that hope! ‘Integrity and love haunt me they ruin my life and I want them to. It’s still hard to choose rubble over a bouncy castle!’ …. loveit!

  3. you put my poetry to sham with your eloquence. Sometimes feelings are too much to get right in words…. sometimes I feel that what sounds good is too inaccuate, and what is accurate doesn’t sound good… you get both… skill!!! xxxxxx

    • Why, thanks honey, but I must say that I think your poetry speaks more eloquently and poignantly than mine! So I think maybe as we know each other well and share an ‘imagery bank’ we actually speak the much of same poetry language and yet by dint of our uniqueness as people, open little views and pictures with words that surprise and delight each other. My phrases and metaphors are accessible to you and yours to me.
      Oh for free access to the mental and spiritual archives of George Herbert!

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