UK no longer a democracy de facto?

The doctor’s opinions are likely to be the most significant and appropriate ones for us to listen to. ‘Inappropriate’: bully speak euphemism for “This is not the propaganda we are promoting!”

“In the Commons Andy Burnham, the shadow health secretary, asked Lansley if the trust’s action showed it was now his “policy to threaten NHS staff with disciplinary action if they speak out about his reorganisation”. He challenged the minister to reconcile his “new top-down bullying policy” with his previous strong support for NHS whistleblowers.

Prof John Ashton, county medical officer for Cumbria, received a letter from his PCT last week after he joined 22 other signatories to a letter in a national newspaper criticising Lansley’s health and social care bill. The letter read: “You are bound by the NHS code of conduct and as such it is inappropriate for individuals to raise their personal concerns about the proposed government reforms.” Ashton will have to “explain and account” for his actions at the hearing.”

Denis Campbell and Patrick Wintour

I would have thought his explanation and account is quite obvious, something like, “I agreed with the letter and last I heard, this is a free country!”

More and more evidence shows us that it isn’t.


2 thoughts on “UK no longer a democracy de facto?

  1. I smiled to myself last night because I realised I’ve reached the crest of the eccentric wave; any further and you could have me certified mad, aka bonkers, because I sent an email of gratitude and support to Professor John Ashton, berated for expressing his opinion on the NHS reforms, I mean he’s only something like regional director of the Cumbrian Health Trust or some other unrelated organisation, (joke) and he has even sent me a reply. What a courteous man…but yes, appropriate or inappropriate, more to the point, right or wrong; Lansley gets his way and people who understand the NHS don’t get to even say what they think? Jonathan Swift would have a field day.

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