Is this scarily familiar to anyone?

I use here, as an example, an extract from an article in The Guardian, Sunday 12 February 2012 by Al Murray on the Twitter joke trial: ‘Problem is, the law don’t do funny’

‎”…..poor Blairite terror legislation (“not a joke!”), a bureaucratic tendency to timewaste and the speed of technological change brought about by the internet. Add to this a feeble-minded sense of humour failure, a failure to realise that not finding something funny is not the same thing as being offended, and that being offended is not the same thing as having an actual opinion, and that a metaphor born of frustration – “Crap! Robin Hood airport is closed. You’ve got a week and a bit to get your shit together otherwise I’m blowing the airport sky high!!” – is not a terror threat. Even having to point that out is wearying, bewildering, soul-sapping.”

I don’t mean the frustration of disrupted public transport; that is annoying but in a way, endearing. It is still possible for Brits to be reminded by large organisations that humans get stuff wrong and life goes on. We deal with it, and remember that the agendas of our lives are not big enough deals for the universe to grind to a halt when we are held up. No, I mean the totally out of proportion reaction to someone doing or saying something that a moron would see as a breach of some law, but anyone with any common sense would see as just the way people are when they’re being genuine but harmless.


We are sleep-walking into insanity and I hope enough people wake up before its too late to improvise, instead of repeating mantras of PC script written for us by the Ministry of Thought.

I’ve already had threats of dismissal for the most innocently made remarks about work on a public networking site. I think we all vote for the Regime of the Republic of Fear if we give in to  such empty threats, because it will brainwash us into thinking that thinking is actually illegal. Just watch….


4 thoughts on “Is this scarily familiar to anyone?

  1. Hahahaha. Oh mam… you are right, and it’s a shame… but you know it is not all so bleak, there are still a huge number of people who are down to earth and not pursuing a professional career in being offended. ;]

    Ministry of thought…. yes…. Big Brother says laughter is thought crime. xx

    • I know, but it is still something we should show we don’t share. It is a culture change I’m more aware of than you would be because we allowed people to say things they had a conscience about, it is a freedom we should defend. Now there are allowed mantras, but no genuine opinions or eccentric beliefs or light hearted spoofs allowed! And who brought this in?The pc thought police and nambie pambie do gooders who actually couldn’t recognise a moral from an offence if it sat on their desk and farted (and then said excuse me.)

  2. naughty? when is it good to be conformist? I have a very naughty conscience a sense of right and wrong, rather than appropriate and inappropriate. Hey, go to my next post comment reply….

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