To Begin

Right now, to start in a twittery style, I’m trying two things I’ve never tried before! Hot chocolate made with soy milk and blogging. I think there is room for improvement on both counts. ūüôā

(I must ask Marianne how she gets the pretty, smiley faces in her blogs.)

Went prayer running this evening. Funny, cos I had to stop and use my inhaler as soon as I got into Lon Glanfred, where I can focus on prayer. Last time I did exactly the same run I didn’t need to stop at all. Probably the plum and apple crumble I’d eaten¬† twenty minutes before the run, not spiritual attack, on reflection!

Prayed for The¬†Chippy, the Cherub, and the Tidge. I asked for them to know God’s power and Grace and gentleness all the time and for the Chippy, health, wisdom, peace. For the Cherub, for God to supply all she needs to answer his calling and for the Tidge I thanked him for her already having good churches she’s found, prayed for good friendships, thanked for the Irish girl who seems to be likely to form a good friendship with her. Prayed for the whole¬†flat where she is, that God would be pouring his Spirit into that place and preparing to advance his Kingdom there. For each person to be in his sight. For safety.

Prayed for Marianne. Thanked for her friendships and much being positive and healthy. Prayed for her to know God’s ever present love and for a sense of purpose. Prayed for sense of worth and joy and not to let go of what she knows is true. Help her to stand and be confident in who she is in God’s eyes. Lots of love/joy/peace/joy/love…in gentle waves..God’s Spirit just rolling over her and blessing her. Can’t put exactly into words but felt God knew better what to pray than I did I just ran along with the sense of joy and give¬†that personal victory¬†to anyone elseJesus knowing that he has the victory for her and he isn’t going to let anyone steal it from her…it is his personal victory for her…Wow feelings!

Prayed for Joe T Shuster. Still just praying that many young people find God becoming more and more real and present in their life through his ministry. Got a sort of picture of him looking at them as they talked,¬† him listening, smiling, truly loving and so approachable. Prayed for all his gifts to be used by God for his glory and for equipping in more ways so he grows and really brings more of the Kingdom into being in that place. Prayed for all ‘tiers of society’ there to find they are welcome and invited in and valued.

Then, sadly, I could see the lights of Llandre so didn’t pray much more, just focused on running home. Sort of arrow prayer of acknowledgement remembering the Adamsmiths’ 25th wedding aniversary tomorrow.

It was good to stop by and see Claralee this afternoon. Her middle child off to ***, leaving tomorrow.¬†Chatting¬†and resting with her revived me. Didn’t sleep last night till after dawn with toothache all night but finally settled the pain with sterilising fluid neat on the tooth! (Like putting bleach in your mouth…but desperate measures for dentally challenged brits are called for! Heaven knows only the wealthy can get proper dental care!)

Tamsin was so happy to see me, and made it obvious why….dinner time and she’s home at last! I should start training my body clock to shift with the shortening days. Must clean out the chickens again tomorrow. Talking of which,¬†I ordered a shed today!!! And without the Chippy’s approval! Not with his disapproval either, just as ever during the week,¬†he wasn’t here.


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